About us

Allow me to briefly introduce our activity.

My family and I have been engaging in the organisation of hunting trips and hospitality for 25 years. To do this, we have managed to establish a 4,000-hectare private hunt area, which, as a result of our hard and dedicated work, has become one of the best big game hunt areas of Hungary. A total of 450 high-stands, 15 automatic feeders as well as approximately 50 hectares of game fields and game crop fields ensure the success of hunting each year.

We also organise small game (pheasant, rabbit) hunting trips in Romania, where a large number of small game is harvested during a hunt.

We can provide additional 20,000 hectares of hunt area to ensure that guests can take the species of game they wish. I hope that you will find the Photo Gallery on our website fascinating enough to get a feel to try out this unique experience for yourself.

Hunters’ greetings: Péter Bata